Our Lest We Forget Memorial Page will complement the Camden District Roll of Honour on Camden Remembers Web Site which is being created to honour and commemorate the men and women from the Camden Area who enlisted, served or are serving in the Armed Forces, Volunteer Defence Corps, Citizen's Military Force or Land Army in all wars and conflicts.

The Camden Remembers project began in Heritage Week 2009 in a joint venture between Camden Historical Society, Camden Library Services and Camden Returned Services League Sub Branch with the aim to compile a comprehensive database of information and photographs and to create an Online Memorial, Camden Remembers, to our Service men and women.

The Camden Remembers web site was launched at Camden Museum on 16 April 2010 by Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) John Carlyle Southwell OAM RFD ED.
The Eternal Flame and District Roll Of Honor hang proudly in the Camden RSL Club Foyer.
The Roll Of Honor is one of the many sources used to create Camden Remembers.

rsl memorial2

The RSL Memorial Rose Garden

The RSL Memorial was consecrated on Anzac Day 1988. Officiating at the ceremony were Brigadier Percival and President of the Camden RSL Sub-Branch George Bull.

The Memorial was moved in 1998 from the rear to the front of the RSL Club to become part of The Camden RSL Memorial Rose Garden which was officially opened by The Honourable John Fahey MP on 27 November 1998, In Honour of the men and women who gave service to their country.

On the Plaque: 1914-1918, 1939-1945, Korea, Malaya, Vietnam, To Those Who Served, Lest We Forget.

Also unveiled on the same day was a plaque dedicated to Leading Seaman Bradely Meek who died tragically aboard the Westralia on 15 May 1998.

The Anzac Day Dawn Service has been held for several years now at The RSL Memorial Rose Garden and is growing in popularity each year.

Those remembered on the Memorial Rose Garden Plaques are:

ADAMS Jonathon Drummond   AKHURST Harold   ALDER Kenneth Charles
ANDERSON Harold Henry   AULD Harry

BAIRNSFATHER Bruce Clifford   BAIRNSFATHER Ralph Mc Pherson   BAKER Bruce Lindsey
BARRY Norman Charles   BARSANTI Frank   BEAR Frederick Charles
BEASLEY John   BENAUD B   BOND Kenneth John
BOND Jack   BOND John Henry   BOYLES Eric Charles
BRADSHAW Edward Lewis   BROOKE John   BROOKING Frank Hulme
BROWN Bruce Stanley   BRYDEN E A   BYRNE E A
BUCKINGHAM Allenby   BUCKLEY P   BULL Henry George   
BURNET Charles Read

CARVETH A J    CHAMBERS William Thomas   CHAPERLIN Veletta Irene Nee Corsie
CHARLES Walter   CHRISTIE Hugh Douglas   CLARKE Clifford John
CLARKE Thomas George   CLARKE Clifford John    CLIFTON Cecil William
CLISSOLD Ernest Allan   COATES Francis Ernest   CONSTABLE Allan James
CORNHILL Clifford   CRAMPTON Hector (Dib)   CROUCH Thomas Basil
CULLEN Kenneth Arthur

DAVIES Frederick J   DENNIS Lawrence Charles   DOWNES Edgar Henry Kirk
DOWNES Robert John Frederick   DOWNES Rupert Frederick Arding   DRISCOLL Ronald James
DURRINGTON Arthur Roland

ECHIN Dorothy Mary nee Hall    ECHIN Henry Adolphus

FAHEY James (Jack)   FEISS Michael Frederick   FORD Mark Marion
FORBES Edward John

GIBBENS George   GOFF George   GOFF James Robert

HAMBILTON Reginald Allan   HANLEY Ronald Edward   HANSEN Bryant Victor
HEATON Robert   HEFFERNAN Francis Charles (Frank)   HENRY John Birks (Bob)
HICKS Catherine ada Vera   HILLBRICK Ernest William   HIND Allen
HOLMAN Hilton John   HUNT Bruce James   HUNT Darryl (Doc)
HUNT Gwenneyth (Gwen)

INGRAM Robert Alfred   IRELAND Albert James Leslie

JEFFERY Douglas Cedric   JOHNSTON Dudley Keith   JOSS I M

KEAN John Darrell Barrington   KENNEDY Athol Bede   KERKIN Leonard Martin
KERNOHAN John Harold   KERR Meryn

LEACH Harold William   LEWIS Royal Percival Norman   LILLIS James
LILLIS Mick   LONGLEY George Osborne   LORD Walter Herbert
LOVE R   LUKEY Frederick Lindsey   LUSCOMBE Wilhelmina

MAHER Ronald   MARDEN Leonard Roy   MARSH Francis Howard (Frank)
MAY Earl Hawthorn    MACARTHUR-ONSLOW George Macleay   MCDONALD Donald
MCFARLANE G    MCGURREN Terrence John (Terry)   MCKELLAR Harold William
MEANEY Wilfred   MEEHAN Joh William (Jack)   MEEK Bradley
MILLAR Murray   MILLS George Griffen Roy   MOORE George Valentine
MOORE Gidley   MORGAN Alfred   MOSS J
MUNDELL William (Bill)   MURDOCK Leslie George

PERRIN Howard   PERRY John Steven Blair   PIEFKE Charles Daniel


RAE Stanley Edward    RAMSEY D   REES Russell William
REEVES Anthony George Napier   ROBERTS Harry Alexander   ROBERTS Keith Buzz
ROBERTS Reginal Cecil    ROUGHLEY Kenneth James   ROWE Frederick

SHEPHERD George   SIDMAN Ralph Leonard   SIMS Robert John
SMITH Kevin Bernard   STANTON Raymond Edward   STARR Leonard Richard
STIBBARD Jack   STRACHAN Isobel Elizabeth nee Paterson   SUMMERTON Ernest Leon
STUCKEY Roy Darrell

TAYLOR Frederick Thomas   TAYLOR Percy Edward   TAYLOR Walter James
TIBBERT Jack   TODHUNTER Andrew Thomas   TOOVEY Frederick Albert
TURNER Leslie Allan

WALKER George Charles   WATKINS Bruce Hamilton   WATTS Frederic
WEBSTER D W   WEIBERLE Jack Hutchinson   WELLS Robert Leslie
WHITE Roy Alfred   WILLCOCK Jack    WILSON Ernest Grayson
WILSON Kenneth B   WOLFF Thomas James   WONSON Stuart H
WOODWARD Eric Sydney   WRIGHT Albert (Snow)   WRIGHT Ronald
WYLIE James Bruce   WYLIE Lawrence Samuel Douglas